Factory Tour Pt 3 - Rollin', rollin', rollin'

2008-05-17 00:37:14
After 16 hours of melting at about 2500F, the glass is ladled out of the tanks. By hand. The casters need to move fast. As it gives off heat, the glass starts to set up. It needs to get to the rolling table before it's too stiff to roll easily. Bullseye operates two styles of rolling tables. The single-roller (shown here) consists of a water cooled steel table and one roller that flattens the glass across its surface. A caster spreads the gob of glass across the table in front of the roller to insure even coverage. A single rolling table lets us make collage glasses like fracture-streamers, stringer glasses, etc., where the chips and/or threads of glass are composed on the table before the sheet is rolled. On the second style of table, the double-roller, the glass is pressed between a pair of rollers, creating a sheet with more uniform top and bottom surfaces. You may see either single- or double-rolling method as you speed across the casting floor.... on your way to the next stop on your factory tour...