Someone is kicking ass in the warehouse

2010-02-05 09:15:54
When I started at Bullseye 25 years ago there were 20 of us. I knew everyone. I worked in the warehouse – between preparing export documents and other stuff  (yep. My best day I packed 17 crates of glass - probably still my greatest accomplishment at BE) "You want me to work where? Doing what?" - moi, circa 1985 Today there are over 120 of us. I am the Gallery Director. I hardly know anyone at the factory anymore. It makes me sad sometimes. As the last post proves, I even – almost - miss noticing some pretty incredible artists who work  in the belly of the bull. Then someone sent me this link yesterday with the note: “New warehouse employee that is apparently an amateur photographer. I found this on his blog:” Doesn’t look very “amateur” to me. I love this one. And this one:It’s so ……Portland. Welcome, Austin. I don’t know you, but I sure like your eye.