Speaking of Scary

2008-10-31 07:34:03
A lot of Bullseye's gallery team spent the last week on the edge of our seats. 2006 e-merge finalist Robin Provart-Kelly was battling a coven of kiln witches in order to get a piece to us in time for SOFA Chicago. After what seemed like a lifetime of hell in the hot zone, we got an email from Robin with a 20 point EUREKA and a picture of this amazing pāte de verre work. Robin Provart-Kelly, "Bounty", 2008. Pāte de verre and kilnformed glass. 3.5" x 8.25" x 8" It's missed our outbound SOFA truck, so it's traveling solo to meet up with us when we get to Chicago. We're all elated - and minus fingernails - to be able to show Robin's work for the first time at the fair. Some of you may remember that Robin won second place in the Non-Functional category of e-merge in 2006. She also won an all-expense paid trip to North Lands Creative Glass in Scotland and a place in Silvia Levenson's summer 2007 workshop there. Robin, Cobi Cockburn and Silvia Levenson at North Lands, June 2007. Great memories, odd lunch, Robin! (fruit, kelp and driftwood?) BTW, after e-merge and North Lands, Californian Robin went on to be shortlisted in the First London International Creative Competition. Come on by the Bullseye Gallery booth (#407) at SOFA Chicago to check out some post-Halloween treats.