2007-04-04 12:10:20
I’ve gotten a few reminders that my blog is stalled. My excuse of sorts: Some of you know Ed. He’s the fifteen year old serial slasher and resident Grump who’s lived with us – and our visiting artists – for as long as we’ve had a formal artist program and a place to house them here at our Portland hillside home. Edward-McGregor.jpg Edward in his prime, 2004. The Fullback freeloader, hard-partying, tough loving, namesake of the magical Scissorhands. Ed’s a Collector. He’s drawn blood from the elite of the glass art world. His preferred method has always been the bed-snuggle followed by the lightening-swift jaw-lock on exposed flesh, should the recipient have the audacity to roll over in his/her own bed. I should have known something was wrong a couple of weeks ago when Ed went all Nice on me. Blood-free cuddling, perpetual purrs, lots of lap-time. I was pretty disappointed to learn that all that purring wasn’t his delight at my presence. The purring is Ed self-medicating. He’s on the way out. Passing over. Paying his toll on the Rainbow Bridge. He’s in the advanced stages of liver cancer and will probably need to be “helped” out the Big Pet Door in a day or two. Meanwhile Dan, the inveterate recycler, has already decided that - when the time finally comes - Ed’s ashes are going into a cadmium/selenium bone ash opal. It’ll be a limited run, probably only enough for a few jewels. But if we like the color, maybe it’ll show up in Bullseye’s next product release... EDDIE RED: an impudent red-orange, endearingly unpredictable, occasionally furious, much loved and equally feared, legend on our color wheel. Guaranteed to be incompatible.