Thanksgiving Without Dante

2008-11-30 07:27:25
Back in the mid-90s we got the idea that watching someone else work would be a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving. 1995...Dan: "Got any plans for the next ten Thanksgivings?" Dante: "Hmmm. Where's this going?" The decade of the Dante Circles (1995-2004) is fast becoming history. But like lots of history, it only seems to get grander in its passing. So it is that this weekend I am again fondly remembering all those years that Dante, Janusz and Paul came down to Portland for the three days following Thanksgiving to blow "cups" while we drank champagne and brunched on the bleachers. It was our celebration of glass. Humored by Dante & Friends we got to sit in front of the furnaces watching them work. Today - Sunday - would have been The Last Day of the blow. We - the diehard fanatical Watchers - would still be glued to the bleachers, swilling the dregs of the flat bubbly, and begging Dante to "make another Queen Marguerite...puleeeez...."... "No, no, something with more squigglies...." It all seems so long ago now. And - hard to believe - since it happened in the decade before YouTube, we didn't save all those great chops on video. We DID eventually turn it into a little catalog called Ten Circles. Or, if you'd rather just watch a brilliant glassmaker - working out on this Thanksgiving weekend, here goes. (I'm off in search of flat champagne.)