43 Hopping Days Left

2008-05-06 04:28:13
Just about 6 weeks left until GAS arrives in Portland. The dull roar no longer seems so distant. Whatís up? E-merge (May 5 Ė July 25) has been installed and enjoyed its quiet launch yesterday. Live jurying and the awards reception (May 17) are still ahead, but itís up, looks great and was visited yesterday by almost 100 docents from the Portland Art Museum, many voting for the Popular Prize. The exhibition, on view at the Resource Center Mezzanine Gallery, will be up with extended hours throughout the GAS conference and easily accessible by FREE BE shuttle buses from the Hilton and during the Friday night Gallery Hop from the Pearl District. Meanwhile over at the gallery the avalanche of Fed Ex notices, UPS deliveries, customs brokerage calls, installs and de-installs, tour organizing, and the general prep-athon is keeping the crew bouncing higher than Caithness bunnies. No, this isn't OUR crew - it's a sinister team of guys on the other side of the world terrorizing our guys with hints of what is coming their way. Hey, Whiteley, you forgot to mention "Weight train for a year" in your unpacking instructions.