About Working Glass


Bullseye employees do a lot with glass: melt it, roll it, sell it, package it, ship it, and teach you ways to work with it. But they also love working with it themselves, and Working Glass is proof.

This annual exhibition shows off pieces they've made after hours in the factory and in their own homes and studios. Stop by the Portland Resource Center gallery and discover the artistic ability of the people who work in your favorite glass factory.

Working Glass 2013

Show extended through January 31!

Prize Winners

President's Choice
Anton Hauptman, Go Nowhere, Just Be

Functional Prizes
Gold: Paul McNulty, Volcano-Bottle Lamp
Silver: Todd Beaty, Straight Outta the Horse's Mouth
Bronze: Anton Hauptman, Go Nowhere, Just Be

Non-Functional Prizes
Gold: Ryan Sharpe, Ain't Nuthin' But a Bee Thang
Silver: Jamie Grove, Neglected
Bronze: Evan Louwenaar, Gneiss

First-Timers Prizes
Gold: James Nickerson, Gifts of the Paternal Gene
Silver: Jamie Grove, Neglected
Bronze: Spencer Silva, The Attack


  • Sam Andreakos, untitled

  • Nate Baisch, 'Cup'

  • Todd Beaty, 'Straight Outta the Horse’s Mouth'

  • Sara Buxton, 'The Understudy'

  • Bonnie Celeste, 'Coefficient of Haze'

  • Erika Chubek, 'Hide and Seek'

  • Alex Deupree, 'Dude, it’s an Amp'

  • Michele Fais, 'Portland Sunset'

  • Amy Ferber, untitled

  • Kaley Finegan, 'Constant as the Northern Star'

  • Kevin Fitzgerald, 'Tangled'

  • Sarah Givens, 'Turquoise Party Platter'

  • Geraldine Gladden, 'Geraldine’s Ladder'

  • Don Graham, 'Chessboard'

  • Jamie Grove, 'Neglected'

  • Camille Hamilton, 'Dream Automata'

  • Anton Hauptman, 'Go Nowhere, Just Be'

  • Jake Hogan, 'Slumber'

  • Tom Jacobs, 'I’m okay, you’re---'

  • Drew Kail, 'Two Cups'

  • Steve Lechleiter, 'Bamboozled'

  • Evan Louwenaar, 'Gneiss'

  • Paul McNulty, 'Volcano-Bottle Lamp'

  • James Nickerson, 'Gifts of the Paternal Gene'

  • Mary Kay Nitchie, 'Color Study: Kitchen Backsplash'

  • Larisa Palmentere, untitled

  • Rachel Rader, 'Found: War Medal'

  • Charity Reeves, 'Glass Candy Jewelry'

  • John Santellano, 'Lagrimas Gitanos'

  • Ted Sawyer, 'can'

  • Ryan Sharpe, 'Ain’t Nuthin’ but a Bee Thang'

  • Spencer Silva, 'The Attack'

  • Andre Simard, 'Slightly Spooky'

  • Ian Stevens, 'Self-portrait (Casting)'

  • Charlie Tellessen, 'Home is Where the...'

  • Devon Willis, 'Fremont Bridge at Sunset'