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Artists at the Forefront of Kilnformed Glass

Since 1974, Bullseye has collaborated with artists worldwide (many of them from non-glass media) to develop and expand the fundamental materials and methods at the core of contemporary kiln-glass. These exchanges frequently result in new ideas, methods, and techniques. We're proud share those stories here.

"Rafael Cauduro: Reverse-Relief Kiln Castings"

An artist talk by Mel Douglas on her contemplative glass sculptures

"Fused, Carved, Slumped: The Subtle Layerings of Jessica Loughlin"

"The Realm of Quantifiable Truth," an artist talk by Emily Nachison

"In the Beginning Was Black," an artist talk by Clifford Rainey

"Δ = Gulp!, or The Next Phase," an artist talk by Nathan Sandberg

An artist talk by Crystal Schenk on current and past sculptures

Bertil Vallien: Sandcast Glass Timelapse

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