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Emerge 2018

Emerge 2018

The Emerge/Evolve 2018 catalog has arrived!

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Emerge 2018, the tenth in a biennial series of exhibitions, was hosted by Bullseye Projects in Portland, Oregon.

Awards in this international juried competition included a total of $22,000 in Bullseye Glass gift cards, recognition at an awards ceremony, as well as representation in a full-color catalog. Selected award winners will be included in a national tour.

Emerge 2018 was open to makers who started working in kiln-glass less than 15 years ago. Students and artists not represented by major galleries were encouraged to apply. Works were judged on excellence of craftsmanship, design and creativity, and were made with Bullseye glasses.

Emerge 2018 runs in conjunction with Evolve 2018, a group exhibition featuring new work by former Emerge finalists and award winners Joanna Manousis, Cassandra Straubing, and Kathryn Wightman.

Tour Dates

Award-winning and honorable mention works from Emerge 2018 and selected pieces from Evolve 2018 will be included in the touring exhibition. Emerge/Evolve 2018 will travel to Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area, Emeryville, California; Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, Virginia; and Bellevue Arts Museum, Washington.

    • Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area - on view January 15 - March 9, 2019.


Congratulations to the winners of the tenth biennial Emerge competition!

Gold: Saman Kalantari, Still Life

Silver: Clare Peters, In Honour of Seeking, In Honour of Knowing, In Honour of Wisdom

Bronze: Dagmara Bielecka, Organica 1


Gold: Joshua Kerley, Making Connections (Pink & Grey Arch, Yellow & Grey Block, Khaki Glass & Polystyrene). Royal College of Art, Felicity Aylieff, Head of Ceramics and Glass. Royal College of Art, Felicity Aylieff, Head of Ceramics and Glass

Silver: Rose-Mary Faulkner, Bare (6-8). Australian National University School of Art. Richard Whiteley, Head of Glass

Bronze: Jade Tapson, Scale II. University of Sunderland, Kevin Petrie, Head of Art and Design


Allison Leigh Holt, Lens 2

Honorable Mentions:

Andy Plummer, I Moved On Her Like a Bitch

Kalina Bańka, Noise

Evelyn Gottschall Baker, Bones - Group

If you missed the event, you can watch it here and see the photos from the event, here

Emerge 2018 Finalists


Nick Doran Adams, “Easter (Poké) Egg 1/3”
Evelyn Gottschall Baker, “Bones - Group”
Kalina Bańka, “Noise”
Dagmara Bielecka, “Organica 1”
Allyssa Burch, “Honey Bed”
Evan Burnette, “Commemorative Pigeon Plate #1”
Madeline Cardone, “Circ I”
Sukyung Chung, “conception”
Jacci Delaney, “Peach Bubble Wrap Cube”
Rebecca Erde, “Sliding Dovetail, in grey blue”
Rose-Mary Faulkner, “Bare (6 - 8)”
Mark Goudy, “Relational Forms (#10 & #12)”
Ursula Halpin, “Cuimhnigh ar an mbearna (mind the gap)”
Marina Hanser, “Diaphanous Progression II”
Suzanne Head, “Knot”
Emi Hirose, “loop Ⅳ”
Amy Hoagland, “Layered Imprint”
Allison Leigh Holt, “Lens 2”
Saman Kalantari, “Still Life”
Brennan Kasperzak, “Multi Color Range and Quilt”
Rachel Lauren Kaster, “The Golden Truth”
Joshua Kerley, “Making Connections - Pink & Grey Arch, Yellow & Grey Block, Khaki Glass & Polystyrene”
Kira Phoenix K'inan, “The Heart's Invisible Furies, Black”
Ann Klem, “Musings I”
Martha Koerner, “Eighty Two”
Nancy Krinsky, “Raindrop (Barnacle Series)”
Lindsy Marshall, “New Land Forms”
Ashley McFarland, “Break Away and Start Anew”
Lucy Palmer, “Taciturn Blue”
Clare Peters, “In Honour of Seeking, In Honour of Knowing, In Honour of Wisdom”
Andy Plummer, “I Moved On Her Like A Bitch”
Gregorie Rawls, “Eventide”
Daniel  Rollitt, “Fragility”
Michelle Ryan, “Execution, 1920”
Marjorie Sanders, “Mu”
David Schuster, “South Georgia Island 1”
Dan Scott, “Conflagrant”
Ilanit Shalev, “Transition #4”
Desislava Stoilova, “La vie en rose”
Jade Tapson, “Scale II”
Matthew Vinci, “Remnant of a Dynamic Process”
Zala Zagorsek, “Dialogue”


Emerge 2018 Jurors

  • Benedict Heywood, Executive Director, Bellevue Arts Museum
  • Heidi Schwegler, Artist/Chair, MFA Applied Craft + Design, a collaborative program between Oregon College of Art & Craft and Pacific Northwest College of Art
  • Diane Wright, Curator of Glass, Toledo Museum of Art

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Emerge Catalogs

Download a PDF of the Emerge 2016 catalog.

Physical copies of past Emerge catalogs are also available for purchase.

Evolve 2018

To acknowledge the fact that an artist’s career is never a before-and-after snapshot, Bullseye Projects will once again create Evolve 2018, a companion exhibit that celebrates former Emerge finalists who have continued to create works that expand the medium.