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Glass: In the Nature of Things

A group exhibition featuring Jane Bruce, Susan Cox and Sandy Gellis

May 27 – August 15, 2015

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(Above, left to right) Jane Bruce, Susan Cox, Sandy Gellis 

Friends for over thirty years, New York-based artists Jane Bruce, Susan Cox, and Sandy Gellis meet regularly to share their work and discuss ideas. These intimate gatherings generate a critical discourse that has become crucial for each of their varied practices and became the foundation for a four-month residency at the Bullseye Resource Center New York. The artists maintain distinct approaches to their practices and concerns, but during the residency their themes began to overlap, resulting in an exhibition that considers our relationship to the land and the emotional attachments we have with the places we have inhabited.

In her newest body of work entitled From the Edge, Jane Bruce examines the, “inconsequential moments that shape [our] larger experience of time and space.” Layered kilnformed landscapes referencing postcards capture fleeting and picturesque moments along Scotland’s northernmost shore.

This same shore is represented in Susan CoxCathy’s Memories (2015). Cox references an iconic cliff upon which a croft house once stood. By interviewing the locals and visiting the site, where only the foundation remains, she has created an amalgam that is both the present and the past.

Sandy GellisCharting Earth, River Sediments and Compounds (2015) is comprised of seventy-five sediment specimens from around the world. Each sample is fused in between glass sheets and arranged to reflect the Periodic Table of Elements. This chemical portrait cuts through the distanced romantic relationship we often have of the landscape, making apparent what is right in front of us but invisible.

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