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Rules for Entry


Entrant Qualifications

Emerge 2018 is open to all emerging artists who started working in kilnformed or kilncast glass less than fifteen years ago. For this competition, you are an “emerging artist” if you are in the early to intermediate stage of your career and, at the date of application, your work in glass has not been represented by a commercial gallery at a major international art or design fair (such as Sculpture, Object, Functional Art or SOFA in the USA). An emerging artist for purposes of this competition should not have exhibited kiln-glass work in a museum, with the exception of prior touring Emerge exhibitions or within a museum or gallery affiliated with a college or university. Exception: you may be eligible if your work was shown to promote a non-profit organization at an international art or design fair. If you are not sure you qualify as an emerging artist, please email your curriculum vitae (CV) or résumé to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Bullseye employees (current full- or part-time) and artists whose work has been exhibited at any Bullseye gallery location are not eligible to enter, with the exception of prior Emerge exhibitions.

Material Qualifications

All glass used in submitted works must be Bullseye glass. Kilnformed glass must be the focus of each submitted work, except for jewelry, which may be in torchworked glass. A work that incorporates other glass techniques such as torchwork and roll-up will be accepted. Mixed-media work will be accepted as long as kilnformed glass is the focus of the work. Artwork must have been created since January 1, 2016. No submitted piece or set of artwork may weigh more than 90 pounds (41 kg). Works must be available for exhibition in Portland, Oregon, from June through October 2018, and subsequent venues until September 2019.

Classroom Work

Excluding technical exercises and instructor-led projects, we accept pieces that are made in classes or workshops, but they must be identified as such on the entry form. Include the name of the instructor and the name of the class and the institution or studio where the works were made.

Qualifications for Specific Awards

Crossover Award: To qualify for the Crossover Award, artists established in another medium must have started working in kiln-glass since January 1, 2016.

Academic Awards: To qualify for the Academic Awards, the entrant must have been enrolled in an accredited, university-level (undergraduate or graduate) art program during any part of the 2016-2017 or 2017-2018 academic years.

Application Fee

The application fee is US $35.00, payable by credit card. If you are/were a full-time student at an accredited university between 2016 and 2018, you are eligible for the student fee (US $25.00). If you qualify for the student rate, enter the discount coupon code STUDENT on the CaFÉ website during checkout.

Entry Process

All entries must be submitted in English. (Translation from other languages is not available.)

All entries must be submitted through the CaFÉ website:

You may enter up to 6 images in your application, plus up to 1 video. These may represent from 1 to 6 separate works. For each work, 1 image of the whole work is required. Other images may show details of the work(s). If you are submitting a set of works, include 1 shot of the whole set so that jurors will know to consider your works as a set. Otherwise, works will be considered individually.

For instructions on how to prepare your images to CaFÉ specifications, see:

In addition to images, you must submit a short biographical profile (500 characters or less) and a short artist statement (500 characters or less). You will be asked to upload your bio and artist statement during the application process.

All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm MST, February 23, 2018.