BECon 2007 | BECon

Glass for Art and Architecture

BECon 2007

BIG IDEAS: Kiln-Glass in Architecture

Bullseye’s third kiln-glass conference was attended by approximately 250 professionals with interest in the expanding field of kiln-glass for architecture and interiors—including artists, fabricators, designers, architects, studio operators, engineers, and instructors

Photos from BECon 2007


Opening Reception: July 19
Conference sessions:
July 20–22
Pre-conference workshops & tours:
July 14–19
Post-conference workshops & tours:
July 23–28


Portland’s downtown Hilton Hotel, Bullseye Glass Factory, Bullseye Gallery, Bullseye Resource Center, and various local kiln-glass studios.

Sessions & Presenters

  • Kiln-glass in the Built Environment: The Real and the Imagined Lani McGregor
  • 3-D Color Design for Professionals Harold Linton
  • Size Matters (Part 1): Issues In Large-Scale Kiln-glass Daniel Schwoerer
  • How to Get the Job: Marketing for Architectural Commissions Paul Housberg
  • Keynote Address Narcissus Quagliata
  • Making Art, Love, and Money Gordon Huether
  • Catastrophes in Glass Patrick Loughran
  • Size Matters (Part 2): Case Studies in Large-Scale Kiln-glass Nathan Sandberg, Erik Whittemore, Tom Jacobs, Ted Sawyer
  • Starting the Business Richard Parrish, Laurel Porcari, Ted Sawyer
  • Uh Oh, I Think I Need a Lawyer Brian Posewitz
  • The Kiln-glass Ceiling: Barriers to Entry Walter Gordinier, Paul Housberg, Richard Parrish, Laurel Porcari, Ted Sawyer

Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops & Tours

  • Sculptural Glass in the Built Environment: Creating a Sense of Place Linda Ethier
  • The Sum of the Parts Laurel Porcari
  • The Right Tool for the Job Erik Whittemore
  • 3-D Color Workshop Harold Linton
  • Considerations in Kiln-glass Lamination Juno Lachman & Rich Lamothe
  • Big Ideas Made Real Richard Parrish
  • Creating and Presenting Successful Proposals Paul Housberg & Carla McLaughlin
  • Portland Studio Tour Jeremy Lepisto & Mel George's Studio Ramp; Ray Ahlgren's Fire Art; Batho Studios; Bullseye Research & Education Studios
  • Portland Architectural Kiln-glass Tour Lani McGregor & Ted Sawyer


Art Into Architecture
July 18–September 22, 2007 | Bullseye Gallery

This invitational exhibition presented both built and un-built projects in architectural kiln-glass from a roster of local and international artists, designers, and fabrication studios:

  • Batho Studios, Portland, OR
  • Bullseye Glass Co./Alex Hirsch, Portland, OR
  • Bullseye Glass Co./Dante Marioni, Portland, OR
  • Bullseye Glass Co./Martha Pfanschmidt, Portland, OR
  • Catharine Newell, Portland, OR
  • Fireart Glass, Inc., Portland, OR
  • Fusio Studio/Richard Parrish, Bozeman, MT
  • Glass Project, Inc./Paul Housberg, Jamestown, RI
  • Jessica Loughlin, Adelaide, Australia
  • Juno Architectural Glass, Portland, OR
  • Lawrence Ko, Portland, OR
  • Phuze S.A. de C.V./Orfeo Quagliata, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Studio Ramp LLC, Portland, OR
  • Walter Gordinier Studios, LLC, Portland, OR