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Flying into Inverness, Scotland is always a little like opening the door to the playroom. Despite a Glaswegian friend who knocks the Highland capital as “a bit twee”, I’m a total sucker for the greeting-card prettiness of the place, the rolling spring-green hills dotted with Cheviot sheep and tidy hay bales. Pretty has a hard time of it nowadays. Sometimes the soul needs a good shot of twee.

This time up I had our two E-MERGE winners in tow. Robin Provart-Kelly and Cobi Cockburn flew in with me from London to collect on their scholarships to North Lands Creative Glass (thanks to the Wonderful Dr Art Liu!) and the Bullseye Masterclass led by Silvia Levenson.

After hopping multiple continents and endless time zones, the three of us were graciously greeted at the Inverness airport by Billy our driver for the final two-hour leg up the North Sea coast to Latheron House.


The house is just down the coast from the North Lands studio and across the road from the village of Latheronwheel that sits above yet more twee-dom (can you tell, I love this word?): a picturesque harbor and cliff-side nature path.

It’s been a couple of days now and we’re just about settled in, sorted out the plumbing, pillaged the local flora, quizzed out the neighbors about the state of the dry stone dykes and creel fishing and begun to acclimate to 20 hours a day of blinding daylight.

Silvia arrived Wednesday. As did Jeremy Lepisto and TA Dena Pengas. A sunny afternoon at the harborside café, a few hours (for the teaching team) of studio prep and now it’s countdown to the first class meeting this evening.


Sun-numbed lunchers at the shoreline: Jeremy, Robin, Silvia, Dena, Cobi

I don’t need to tell those of you who’ve been to North Lands what a magical week lies ahead for Silvia’s class. For those of you who haven’t been here, I’ll try to get off a few of these Internet postcards.

But words and pictures can’t begin to catch it all. For an exceptional education in glass, an astoundingly beautiful corner of the world and the chance to meet world-class glassies, think about coming to North Lands yourself.

(You could even enter the next E-MERGE and maybe Fly BE to the Highlands)

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