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What the hell is this? I open my email and staring out at me as if hinting at my domestic shortcomings – when was the last time I emptied the litter box? – is this bucket of sand hanging from a ladder.

Glue Test

Fortunately the accompanying note from one of our Techs tells me that it’s R & E’s ongoing test of Dow Corning’s 995 silicone. Supposedly the stuff is rated to hold 1 lb per square inch but is now holding 50 lbs successfully (metal to glass).

…which test was necessitated when they started to work on the hanging system for Moje’s recently constructed, 200-lb panels.

Whew! Thank goodness. It’s comforting to know that someone is doing serious work in this joint.

I’m off to SOFA and the next Party.


I’ve honestly forgotten how many times we’ve attended the Pilchuck Glass School Auction, but I think it’s been about fifteen in the last sixteen years.


Just Looking. Dan feeling alone together while drinking away his resolve to pinch pennies…

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BOO! Closing in on Halloween, there’s lots of scary stuff around. Especially if you’re a Bull.

Lately it seems like I’m getting red flags waved in my face at every turn.

As a small business in a heavily regulated industry in a country struggling with a manufacturing-hostile economy, it’s easy to see red. Add to that the joys of Making a Living in the Visual Arts and it’s not hard to feel under constant siege.

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Last week one of our people passed along an angry email she’d gotten from the head of a teaching program. We’d had to decline his request for free glass.

“I understand that you are strictly ‘business’, we will have to reconsider our alliance,” he wrote. In spite of his teachers having requested Bullseye for their classes, he made it clear that his program “… will be going with another company.”

Devil Sam

Strictly business. The sinister, money-driven devil percolating at the heart of Bullseye.

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Every year the same Bullseye people who build the furnaces, ladle the glass, pack the crates, teach the classes, stock the shelves, and answer the phones put together my favorite exhibition: Working Glass.


“Untitled” got my vote: a pair of over-sized pink nuts. From a young woman in the maintenance department.

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I was warned.

They told me that that I’d run out of babble; that I’d get bored with my own writing; that no one would comment (unless I picked a fight); that some ITiot would switch me over to different blog software and I’d have to learn a New Trick (just kidding, Chris)…etc etc.


My own special gray soup. A bit like Dunbeath harbor when the haar rolls in…

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