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Memory Lane No.5: Water Water Everywhere

Clearly tree-planting along SE 21st Avenue doesn’t begin to address the environmental impact of glass manufacturing today.

What’s water got to do with it?

Water usage isn’t the first thing that comes to mind in glassmaking. But it plays a big part. In addition to the fire (fueled by natural gas or electricity), sand, soda, metal oxides and other ingredients of the colored glass batch, water – a lot of it – is critical to the glassmaker’s process.

The forming equipment that includes the rolling-mill – also called the casting table – and the ladles used to bring the molten glass from furnace to table are made of metal. Molten glass sticks to hot metal. Water is used to chill the metal surfaces.


Chilling the ladle

In 2003 Bullseye’s facilities director Daren Marshall, with input from Dan and company comptroller Eric Durrin, designed a system of pipes, pumps, filters and storage tanks to recirculate the factory’s cooling water and reduce water usage by 60%, keeping 6 million gallons of water out of the city sewer system each year.

Portland’s Office of Sustainable Development recognized the factory’s achievement in water conservation with a BEST award in 2004.

Not to be outdone by Daren, Dan had another bright Water Idea. NEXT…

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