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Factory Tour – Mix Masters

Speaking of factory tours, the 100 that went through last Monday was just a drill for the GAS-powered tsunami rolling in next month. On June 18 alone we’ll push, prod and pummel 350 people through the narrow gauntlet between batching, melting, forming, QC and shipping.

Maybe I’ll use the next few blogs to practice The Routine.

We mix the raw materials, called “batch”, in 55-gallon drums – about 120 of them each day.

Looks pretty crude on one level.

On another level, the degree of precision required is staggering. In measuring out the batch, a miscalculation as small as 50 parts per million can result in off-color glass. An error of 1/4 of one percent of sand or soda can result in incompatibility. Often there are as many as 18 ingredients in a single barrel.

I think that equates to over 1000 opportunities to muck up every day.

But I’ve already started to depress myself.

What if YOU tell ME what you’d like to know about making glass? It might help us know what to say to the 350 tourists hitting our doorstep on June 18.

3 Responses to Factory Tour – Mix Masters

  1. Toni says:


    How long does it take from start to finish?

    How many sheets from a single barrel of batch?

    Are any of those hot guys working there single? :)


  2. lmcgregor says:

    Toni…some answers, some questions;

    1. Start to finish of what? The tour? From sand to glass? If the latter, it’s about 24 hours. If the former…well, depends on who’s cracking the whip.

    2. One barrel of batch will ultimately translate into about 22 full-sized sheets.

    3. Lots of single guys…but I think lots of them are “living in sin” (as my Mom used to put it)

  3. Toni says:

    From sand to glass…thanks for the info. Darn those sinners.

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