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e-merged ’08

I’m interrupting my little factory tour for some late breaking NEWS: the announcement of our 2008 e-merge award winners.

You can see all the finalists with the award winners highlighted here, but to cut to the chase, the WINNERS, announced at last night’s ceremony, are…….

Gold: Sabine Rosenberger, Germany, “Stealth B2″

Silver: Ruth Gowell, USA, “Optical Vase”

Bronze: Essi Utriainen, Finland (studying in Germany) “Idyll 2″

Academic Award: Sarah Vaughan/Southern Illinois University, USA, “Moment of Choice”

Kilncaster Award: Shane Caryl, USA, “Bernini’s Batman”

Newcomer Award: Saman Kalantari, Iranian (studying in Italy) “He Has Come Back”

Popular Prize: Heather Palmer, USA, “Black Coral”

The awards ceremony was attended by a crowd that exceeded both my expectations and my counting abilities. I’m sure that next week Mary Kay’s amazing administrative team will have it all tallied and reported upon. In the meantime, I am simply in awe of all involved: entrants (including the MANY incredible works that did not get into the finals); jurors (whose job was Herculean!); our team of admin & IT people (above and beyond as ever); and especially the remarkable audience of participants and their fans who came from around the world to celebrate this great event with us.

THANK YOU all….you are The Best!

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  1. silvita says:

    ma che bello! sono contenta per Saman.. and of course for the rest of the winners! anyway, the level of e merge is fantastic! compliments, Lani!!!!

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