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Re-heated rant

Yes, it’s approaching four weeks….and just when I thought it was safe to go out , I got a Google alert  a couple of days ago that shot me right back to GAS – a favorite, often-edgy Canberra based blog with delayed coverage of the Moje demo at GAS.

I snagged this snap (apologies for the thievery, Megan) in order to answer a couple of questions that I got asked daily during the conference:

Q#1. What’s the story behind the cool Moje T-shirt?
Q#2. Where do I get one?

Why not get it off your chest? Better yet – put it on. Klaus Moje and Yoko Yagi make a sartorial statement at GAS Portland.

A2Q#1: you’ll recognize this old rant from one of my earlier blog posts.

I don’t disagree with Cynthia’s comment to my earlier blog. She’s right. Again. We ARE all lazy. We like short. Fine. If the three syllables of “kilnformed glass” are too much for you, call it “kiln-glass”.

Anyway, back to the history.

When Klaus came to Portland just before the opening of his Museum retrospective last May, we got to thrashing around the use of the dreaded “warm” word again. GAS was headed to town. An audience of almost 2000. Why not make a statement here? Visually. By the artists whose opinions are due some respect. So we quickly printed up about a hundred of these cool Not Warm shirts and passed them out to everyone from Bettison to Whiteley (sorry, can’t think of A’s or Z’s this AM).

They went like hotcakes. I wish we’d printed 2000. L’esprit de l’escalier déjà vu.

Which gets me to the Answer to Q#2 , “where do I get one?”

From Bullseye. Soon. They’ll be featured in the next catalog. If you can’t wait, I suppose you could call  (503 232 8887 local or 888.220.3002 toll-free) or email the Resource Center (  and snag a pre-release shirt.

Support the artists. Don’t miss-name the methods they pioneered.  And please….DON’T CALL IT WARM.

Klaus thanks you. I thank you. Artists around the world will thank you.

9 Responses to Re-heated rant

  1. Toni says:

    So glad to know you are still alive, Lani! :P I’m also glad to hear those t-shirts are going to be for sale. I saw Klaus’ and thought they were pretty dang cool, but didn’t see them for sale anywhere.

  2. Jane says:

    Its good to have you blogging again

  3. lmcgregor says:

    Thanks, Toni; thanks, Jane.

    I appreciate your comments. I’ve been told that blogging is like yelling in an empty room. It makes it seem just slightly less insane when someone yells back. I’ll try to post a bit more this month. Yeah. Right. Heard that before?

  4. I love mine… and would love it even more if I could figure out where I stuck it after getting back from GAS. I mean it… now that I’m an ahr-teest I’ve got ALL these darn black t-shirts. And, being a guy, I never fold ‘em in a “proper” way so I can see the printing on them.


  5. glasscentralcanberra says:

    Hey Lani, you’re welcome to the photo!!
    And yeah, I know that ‘yelling to an empty room’ feeling – though it’s great therapy I reckon.
    I too am enjoying the t-shirt – Klausie gave me one when he got back.

  6. lmcgregor says:

    Hey, Megan, thanks for dropping in…Love your blog…and am delighted that Klaus got you a shirt.

  7. glasscentralcanberra says:

    Actually, I think he gave me his!!!

  8. glasscentralcanberra says:

    …and hey, glad to hear you enjoy the blog. It’s a bit of a labour of love, truth be known.

  9. Sorry – late to the party.

    So what about “fused glass” — that term seems conspicuously absent from the conversation.

    That is the term used by Boyce (and Dan) in the book titles.

    A quick search of Google shows the following number of occurrences of each term within Google’s web indexing:

    fused glass 968,000
    warm glass 13,300
    kiln glass 13,700
    kilnformed glass 6,820
    kiln-formed glass 31,600

    “Fused” meets the requirement of being short. Unlike “warm”, it is generally accurate and it is the most widely used.

    Are we trying to fix something that isn’t broken?

    - Paul
    (who is somewhat schizophrenic on this issue, having a brick and mortar teaching/retail studio called “Helios Kiln Glass Studio” and a website called “”.)

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