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Sabrina can…

I’ve been back in Caithness, Scotland at North Lands Creative Glass for a few weeks this summer…awed as ever by the quality of the light here at the 58th parallel and equally awed by the glass people I meet in this remote corner of Britain.

On a dash through the North Lands kiln-glass studios I spied an interesting set of tests at the worktable of an artist in the Bullseye Forum.

By purposefully casting wedges of varied colors together she’d created remarkable fades at the interfaces along the edge.

Tom Jacobs who was over from our factory in Portland to lead the course explained a little to me about the process, the artist and her background.  I found more on her website.

This is definitely one to watch.

4 Responses to Sabrina can…

  1. Wonderful pieces on her website and I thankyou for introducing her to us all.. I love the transition of color and the shading she is achieving in her large cast pieces and her simplistic approach. Looks as if she uses alot of laminating as well, a technique I have not attempted yet . I would love to go to North Lands Creative Glass Center and should start saving my pennies. Tom’s class I bet was wonderful. Leslie

  2. amanda says:

    Hope the conference went well Lani….had to get back to the workshop and home but absolutely loved North Lands and it’s whole ethos…learned much and inspired beyond belief by April and Jiri…really looking forward to seeing images from their Bullseye exhibition….I’m sure we will meet again in some strange glass venue and I shall introduce myself better!
    Amanda x

  3. Toni says:

    …um…Lani? Where are you??? :)

  4. lmcgregor says:


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