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OK, OK, I admit it…

I haven’t been blogging. I just can’t find the time.

Life has been such a party lately. (Insert cynical Smiley)

Like this week. We went to the grand opening of  The Nines, Portland’s newest luxury hotel. Hundreds of revelers bouncing around decadent monuments like tequila and martini luges. Pretzel-boned babe bungie-bouncing from sky-high balloons.

I kept looking out the windows expecting to see Rome burning. But no. Just little old Portland, gritting its gotta-love-‘em teeth in the face of our freaky future.

And tucked amid the revelers is the real reason we go to stuff like this.

Designed by Melody Owen, fabricated by Elements Glass, three floors of LED-lit handblown glass cascading down a marble stairwell.

The Nines has engaged with the local arts community to bring original art into the public and private spaces of this major hotel.  From the print faculty at Pacific Northwest College of Art to a galaxy of independent local artists and studios, The Nines is a feast for art lovers. Original idea? Well, no….we’ve previously reported on the Hotel Murano in Tacoma, one of a number of arts-based properties developed by Provenance Hotels. “Art Hotels” are good business.

But for those of us in the arts, “trend” may trump “original” on this one. It’s what we all so dearly need right now: recognition for the value of original art in defining identity. Whether personal or corporate, on all levels, art is the manifestation of our human side. And just cause for celebration.

So, look up, guys. We’re going to get through this one.

Dan & friend watching dangling damsel. Behind them: “Bloom” – over one ton of kiln-glass designed by Portland artist Ellen George.

3 Responses to OK, OK, I admit it…

  1. “So, look up, guys. We’re going to get through this one.”
    I think that’s a great way to look at it.Its going to be difficult and different, but isn’t that what craft/artists do best.It would be good to see a glass workers brainstorm on the possibilities.

  2. I love the “Elements” piece going down the stairs . Wonderful. The hotel looks gorgeous and I pray that in this difficult financial times that it maintains a good flow of clients through it’s doors. Maybe they will give a HUGE discount for the BECON conference so we can all live in luxury for a weekend. Hmmm!
    As for the Freaky Future Lani is speaking of. I feel Canada is perhaps alittle more likely to weather the financial storm better perhaps as we had a few more financial saveguards in place. I am extremely dissappointed in the past 8 years of your government and how they have taken your country down a difficult path.
    I DO want to thank Lani and Dan though for the MANY years of amazing growth in the Arts over the past 30 years; as they where instrumental in assisting many of us in our glass careers. (it has been an incredible journey thanks to them) Their support and incredible fortitude and determination to make the best quality product has advanced us all in ways only dreams are made of. The glass art community is a better stronger place because of them . THANKYOU!
    I feel the way we can all thank the companies who have supported us and helped us find our paths is to find a path to their doorstep now and to keep purchasing their amazing glass so that the glass companies can stay strong as well. (WE NEED YOU TO SUCCEED and PROSPER) Yes tough times are ahead , but hopefully architectual glass projects like the amazing pieces shown above will help the glass manufactures to weather this downturn. I am an eternal optimist and I see a very GLASSY future . Leslie Rowe-Israelson

  3. “Pretzel-boned babe bungie-bouncing from sky-high balloons.”

    The imagery so conjured will keep me going for the rest of the day, thank you. ;-)

    The thing I’ve disliked the most of my era is our seeming inability to decorate public spaces except as an afterthought. The very retro idea of actually building WITH art instead of considering it as glorified wallpaper (a la every other bloody period) is one I can definitely get behind.


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