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Yes, We Did

I suppose it’s in the nature of historic events to make all the small moments in their shadow seem like metaphors.

So it was on Tuesday morning in Chicago, standing in the chaos of our SOFA shell, wondering how it could possibly all come together, fearing the worst, praying for a miracle.

Then it was Wednesday morning. And, somehow, we’d done it.

Feeling elated, exhausted, smug and victorious – only to realize that the real test is still to come.

We – and 100 other international galleries – open tonight at 5pm (for VIPs). The buzz on the floor is one of nervousness (the economy) tempered by giddy anticipation (who won’t want to celebrate this week?)

Either way, hope is a good feeling.

4 Responses to Yes, We Did

  1. Toni says:

    It is a good feeling, isn’t it? Did you happen to go to Grant Park? That would have been fantastic! Good luck with SOFA.

  2. lmcgregor says:

    We couldn’t get in to Hutchinson Field because we didn’t have tickets, but watched from above. A memory for a lifetime, for sure.

  3. jenn says:

    Booth looks beautiful!

  4. silvita says:

    buona fortuna!!!!!!

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