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SOFA Rocks

It’s showtime. And a good one. Everyone is smiling. Work is selling. Contrary to the some pre-show worries, the economy doesn’t seem to have dulled enthusiasm or frozen many credit cards. After the first day and a half I’d rank this fair as one of the best starts ever.

I’ve been too busy to scout the entire fair, but so far I haven’t seen anything that looks like a fire sale or panicked discounting…with only a few exceptions…

5 Responses to SOFA Rocks

  1. Chris says:


  2. Bert Weiss says:

    That’s tooo funny. I bet Sarah Palin bobble heads will be worth the big bucks in a few years.

    I’m glad that the rich being richer is benefitting the arts. The trickle must be refreshing…

  3. Darn… miss SOFA by one day! I’ll be in Chicago for 4 hours Monday on a layover on my train trip from Minnesota to DC.

  4. lmcgregor says:

    Thanks, Steve! My iPhone and I are in your debt…again.

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