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Shopping is a political act. (OK, what did you expect from a town whose mayor took 800 of its citizens to New York to visit Bergdorf Goodman after 9/11?)

Shopping is also a very personal act. And increasingly, as we are less and less able to make those political statements by buying heartily at places whose values we support or whose pain we’d like to ease, it is still a means of human connection.

This is the ride. And the story of how we’ll all make it. Together. And aware.

I’ve been shopping less lately. But I’ve been trying to be more conscious about each purchase.  A while ago I discovered ETSY. It was probably inevitable. I love craft fairs, but don’t have the time anymore to visit them. Nowadays I mostly shop online.

The best part about ETSY is the enormous range of work there. The worst part is – like actual fairs – slogging through aisles and aisles before finding the piece that truly speaks to you. Of course the Etsy search function is awesome and since I’m always looking for “things Bullseye” it brought up a ton of stuff, some great, some not so.

But in the end what I find myself buying is not just a piece that’s made of our glass, but a piece with a story. Just as I was always mesmerized in talking to a weaver or a potter or a jeweler about the sheep, the mud, or the passion behind the work when I stopped at a craft fair booth, I love to find a good story behind anything I buy.

So, when a Bullseye search brought me to the Venerable Bead’s site, I fell in love with a necklace that wasn’t made of Bullseye at all (it’s boro), but had a story that reminded me of a long ago pet and our family car trips. That little story hit my heart. And my credit card. I’ve since turned the necklace into a keychain. I use it every day.

But the story still lives in the artist’s sold folder. READ IT HERE…it’s so sweet.

The next purchase I’m contemplating seems almost psychic considering my last post on this blog. “Play nice”?! Moi??

And no, I don’t know the jeweler personally. But I admire her work – and I’m a sucker for her stories!

7 Responses to Tell & Sell

  1. Love this artisit!

  2. Thank you so much for the blog mention. so glad you are enjoying your ride and your necklace. It’s serendipity that your name is Lani.
    When I’m not playing with the hard stuff I love my Bullseye stash!! melts like butter. colors to die for. Happy hump day Paula

  3. Kathleen says:

    So glad you blogged about this artist’s work. It’s wonderful. I can see an item or two on my Christmas wish list.

    I like her stories too! Great stuff.

  4. Julie says:

    one of my favorite all time purchases on etsy was a venbead necklace…i wear it ALL the time!!!

  5. Tracy says:

    Huge fan of Paula’s work! Glad you featured her!

  6. Diana says:

    Gorgeous necklace! And yes, The Venerable Bead has great stories to go with her work!

  7. lmcgregor says:

    P, K, J, T, D et al: WOW, is this what an Etsy party looks like?! What a hoot to find you all here. I’m going back over to Etsy to see what else I can stir up ;-)

    Seriously, that place fascinates me!

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