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Mimosa Tomorrow

It’s now three weeks into the new year. We all know that it’s not going to be an easy one, but something about it still feels promising. I can’t give words to it.

It’s risky, unstable, weightier than I’m comfortable with. It’s fragile,  off-kilter; it threatens to swirl off its axis. But there’s also a promise of brightness, of energy, of solid goodness ahead.

When I close my eyes and imagine how an artist might translate all of that into color and form, this is what I see:

Heike Brachlow, Waiting VII, 2008.

So, it was no surprise to me to see this article in the news and to realize that I’m not alone in looking for champagne and OJ in the months ahead.

A happy footnote to this post and an auspicious beginning to the New Year: we have just placed this work in the collection of the Glasmuseum Hentrich, Duesseldorf, Germany.

3 Responses to Mimosa Tomorrow

  1. Thanks for sharing this. It’s given me some ideas.

    I too think that there is something very good, waiting for us in the future of this new year…in spite of the so called ‘darkness’ at the start of it. It has been my belief that things happen for a reason and we need to look for the good that can come from it.

  2. Richard Parrish says:

    Michelle Obama was right in her choice of dress for the inauguration – sunny yellow. I love her sense of style and “to heck with the fashionista” attitude.

  3. lmcgregor says:

    Richard, you nailed it. So wonderful to see “substance” and “style” so perfectly paired.

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