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Yikes – Toxic teaching…

The other day one of our salespeople took a call from a user concerned about the toxicity of Bullseye’s Aventurine glass. HUH?

Aventurine takes its name from the Italian “avventura” which translates as “adventure” -  a good description for a glass that, due to its supersaturation of metal, has historically been challenging to melt and – at least in its copper form – was often a different color from batch to batch. Bullseye has made Aventurine glasses for over 20 years. Currently we offer them in three styles (a green 1112, a lighter green 1412 and a blue 1140)….none of them poisonous.

But back to the story:

The caller had been told that after firing, an  Aventurine glass should only be handled with gloves until it was first washed.


Yes, supposedly, according to the caller’s teacher – who claimed to have this information direct from the glass manufacturer – “chromium comes out of the Aventurine and should not be handled directly until washed with soap and water.”

Kilnforming is fascinating territory and there are lots of knowledgeable teachers out there who can guide you through it with accurate and useful information.

There are also a number of nutcases who ought to be ticketed for teaching without a clue.

If you need accurate information on the behavior of our glass, a good place to find it is here.

If, instead, you’re looking for the latest urban legend, you might like to answer the phones in our sales office.

4 Responses to Yikes – Toxic teaching…

  1. Stephen Richard says:

    I’d love to hear some of those urban legends :-) . Though perhaps that would invalidate the privacy or commercial integrity of the company.


  2. Lani says:

    Steve, how much commercial integrity can a company have that let’s me prattle on like this for years??? ;-)

  3. How about my very first fusing instructor, who told me that kilnwash was unnecessary. “The big glass companies sell it just to make a little extra money.” It was pretty obvious that he, too, was experiencing his first glass firing when 12 slumped bowls emerged from the kiln, welded to the un-kilnwashed molds…

  4. Lani says:

    Thanks for the laugh, C! And just imagine when simple ignorance and conspiracy theory team up – which isn’t infrequent…

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