Monthly Archives: February 2009

Artists Richard Whiteley and Heike Brachlow with Bullseye’s UK Director Karen Davies, wound up their five venue lecture tour through Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England last Sunday with twin presentations at the University of Ulster, Belfast.


First stop: the energetic Scottish crowd. Or Why the Scots Invented Whisky.

Despite the reaction of the Clackmannanshire  (you’d be exhausted too if you had to say that more than once) crowd, early reports indicate that our first speaking venture into the wilds of the British Isles was a success.

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Maybe the only thing better than a misty morning is a misty morning with a knock-your-socks off sunrise.

We had one of those last week, while I was still rhapsodizing about Opaline.  I’m just so psyched about this glass that I’m having a hard time keeping my enthusiasm in check.


Not only can Opaline work like a gauzy filter over other colors (at my age one can’t say enough good things about gauzy filters), but in a thicker section, it has an internal fire not unlike certain colorations of an Oregon sunrise.

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Recently Portland has been enjoying some remarkably foggy days (well, until the insufferable bout of sunshine this week).  Personally, I love what mist does to the landscape.


The trees from our deck become altogether different souls than the crisp, mossy green beings they are on most days.

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Remember when this kind of thing was all part of a company picnic?
Sales manager Jim and Comptroller Eric enjoyed the dunking pool back in the carefree ‘90s.
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