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Dan Klein


Dan and Max.

Of all the creatures that adored him, surely hyperactive puppies topped the list.

For someone who – purely without intention – epitomized the proper British gentleman, Dan Klein had an odd way of dealing with exuberance. He encouraged it.

The month after 9/11 when I asked him – rhetorically, I thought – where to go in a world gone mad, he said with charm-stuffed conviction “Come to North Lands”.

I went.

A year later, after I’d fallen deliriously in love with one of the most remote corners of the planet and found a pile of old stones that I thought I couldn’t live without but was sure we couldn’t afford, he nudged me towards the dream “You’ll regret it more if you don’t than if you do”.

We did.

Dan changed my life – our lives, my own Dan’s and mine. He encouraged our exuberance, our risk-taking, and our passions.

But my stories are small, short and irrelevantly personal, compared to the larger dreams that Dan Klein brought to life. Among them, the existence of one of the world’s most magical glass programs. North Lands Creative Glass is a testament to Dan’s willingness and ability to turn a quirky little Highland fishing village into a world-calibre glass centre.

I was packing for North Lands when I learned that Dan died yesterday.


He will be so very, very missed by all of us who loved him so very, very much – not least I’m sure, the madcap puppies.

The days are moving much too fast. The sun comes up yet again and I’m about about to feel guilty that I haven’t been blogging more about BECon.


Today’s the last day and I haven’t posted a note since the end of the opening party on Thursday night. Suddenly, amidst the pile of unanswered emails arrives the answer to my dreams -  the notice of Morganica’s latest post.

Since she’s covered the first day of speakers and events better than I ever could, I’m going to go make a cup of coffee and head off to PSU for another day outside of cyberspace!

Bless you, C!

After spending an afternoon “On the Couch with Clifford” – a broad-ranging and perfectly-paced  interview between Richard Whiteley and Clifford Rainey on the latter’s history, methods, teaching philosophies and opinions of dragon-stemmed Venetian goblets – and an exceptionally thought-provoking Keynote by Janet Koplos on “What Glass Wants to Be When It Grows Up”, the  first day of BECon 2009 came to its lively conclusion at the gallery reception.


The BAM (Button Art Match) game drove inquisitive party-goers through both floors of the gallery searching for their “matches” – anyone wearing a button with art picture matching his/her own.

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“Do you mind if we shoot you?”


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It’s been four days since we set up our booth at SOFA WEST. A lot’s happened and a lot hasn’t.


Opening night knocked everyone’s socks off. The crowds were far larger than expected. Apparently they’d anticipated about 500 people for the opening night reception. I’ve heard that between 1500 and 2000 turned out. But who could count? I could barely move.

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First day setting up for SOFA WEST. Where are we?

When in doubt, read the instructions: “This is not London, this is Santa Fe”.


But the story’s the same: Unpack, touch up paint, debate artwork placement, place art, debate height, re-place art, touch up more paint, run to hardware store, try to pay with credit card, run back to get cash, return to hardware store, get paint roller, repaint pedestals, set more art, adhere signage, store crating, vacuum neighbors peanuts off our carpet…… forget to eat lunch, ache, whine,  squeal with delight (free WiFi access), yabber with other exhibitors…

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Seems like yesterday that we packed up from COLLECT in London. Woke up this morning in Santa Fe. We’re here for SOFA WEST, the newest addition to Mark Lyman’s lineup of always (she writes with great expectations) brilliant expositions of Sculpture, Objects & Functional Art.

It’s 6:30 am. My gallery team is still asleep. For now it’s just me, my laptop and a cup of steaming hot lemon ginger tea.


In a couple of hours we’ll reconnect with our DeWalt drills and start set-up down at the unconventional convention center.

Once the work is done, the artists arrive.  ;-)

For me, for now, it’s just a little morning bliss before the storm.