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No West for the Wicked

First day setting up for SOFA WEST. Where are we?

When in doubt, read the instructions: “This is not London, this is Santa Fe”.


But the story’s the same: Unpack, touch up paint, debate artwork placement, place art, debate height, re-place art, touch up more paint, run to hardware store, try to pay with credit card, run back to get cash, return to hardware store, get paint roller, repaint pedestals, set more art, adhere signage, store crating, vacuum neighbors peanuts off our carpet…… forget to eat lunch, ache, whine,  squeal with delight (free WiFi access), yabber with other exhibitors…

…finish ahead of schedule, pat selves on back…dust the work…


….dust the work again…wait for artists to arrive….greet artists….


Hola, amigas!

Time for Mojitos!

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  1. Bravo! Looks wonderful. Enjoy the artists, the crowds and the Mojitos of course!!! :)

  2. Lovely. BTW…saw the show at the gallery, both floors. What a neat body of work you guys have.

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