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BECon Begins

“Do you mind if we shoot you?”


It’s the day before BECon begins and someone at Bullseye had decided that our home should be added to the usual tour of local studios. Huh? Maybe they’d been to the house for dinner once and noticed that my cooking looks a lot like mixing shelf primer?

Oh well, Dan and I said OK.

We did our best.


“I’m writing an article for a trade magazine, OK?”
“I’m going to cover this in my blog, OK?”
“I’m going to report you to PETA for letting 88 people step on your cat, OK?”


Dan managed to distract some of our jovial Home Inspectors with flaws in the glass entry deck.

It was actually pretty amazing how quickly all eight van loads ran through the house. In forty-five minutes (x 8)  we all ended up six feet under where we’d started. Kind of a metaphor for life. At least this week.


In between floors, there were some fast-paced discussions of art.


After my incessant hammering on the merits of kilnformed vs blown glass I’m sure half the visitors wanted to throw themselves off the balconies.


No one did, thankfully.

After tromping through three floors of glass art and listening to me prattle on ad nauseum, we all exited into the gardens….for more blather….more art….more photo opps…


…and the final trek up the hillside to the waiting vans. Kind of like the Bataan Death March with Nikons.


Seriously, Dan and I met a lot of very cool people, and hope that we can remember even three by name when we run into them again today at the start of the conference.

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