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Thank you, Cynthia!

The days are moving much too fast. The sun comes up yet again and I’m about about to feel guilty that I haven’t been blogging more about BECon.


Today’s the last day and I haven’t posted a note since the end of the opening party on Thursday night. Suddenly, amidst the pile of unanswered emails arrives the answer to my dreams -  the notice of Morganica’s latest post.

Since she’s covered the first day of speakers and events better than I ever could, I’m going to go make a cup of coffee and head off to PSU for another day outside of cyberspace!

Bless you, C!

3 Responses to Thank you, Cynthia!

  1. jenn houser says:

    Doesn’t Cynthia – just rock!!!

  2. I concur. I so enjoyed all of Cynthia’s posts. They allowed me to vicariously enjoy the conference.

  3. My goodness, just now found this and what nice things y’all say! My pleasure.

    Great glassfest, BTW. ;-)

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