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Good-bye, my friend

Dan Klein


Dan and Max.

Of all the creatures that adored him, surely hyperactive puppies topped the list.

For someone who – purely without intention – epitomized the proper British gentleman, Dan Klein had an odd way of dealing with exuberance. He encouraged it.

The month after 9/11 when I asked him – rhetorically, I thought – where to go in a world gone mad, he said with charm-stuffed conviction “Come to North Lands”.

I went.

A year later, after I’d fallen deliriously in love with one of the most remote corners of the planet and found a pile of old stones that I thought I couldn’t live without but was sure we couldn’t afford, he nudged me towards the dream “You’ll regret it more if you don’t than if you do”.

We did.

Dan changed my life – our lives, my own Dan’s and mine. He encouraged our exuberance, our risk-taking, and our passions.

But my stories are small, short and irrelevantly personal, compared to the larger dreams that Dan Klein brought to life. Among them, the existence of one of the world’s most magical glass programs. North Lands Creative Glass is a testament to Dan’s willingness and ability to turn a quirky little Highland fishing village into a world-calibre glass centre.

I was packing for North Lands when I learned that Dan died yesterday.


He will be so very, very missed by all of us who loved him so very, very much – not least I’m sure, the madcap puppies.

6 Responses to Good-bye, my friend

  1. Mary Kay says:

    Very, very sad news. I always hoped I would hear him speak again.

  2. Chris McNelly says:

    I only met Mr. Klein a few times but found him to be a kind and lovely person. My thoughts go out to his family.

  3. JC says:

    Thanks Lani,
    These are beautiful pictures. What a lovely way to remember him.

  4. Our hearts are with your heart while it is broken. Time will heal the empty feeling but he will be in your memory always and forever. That will never fade away.

  5. Bonnie Gilchrist says:

    I was so sorry to see this very sad news. I really enjoyed meeting him last summer during GAS and I know he meant so much to you and Dan.

  6. I am shocked to hear this. And very sad. I met Dan more than once at Northlands, talked to him. I have a book he published about modern glass. I appreciated his very gentle personality, his so much knowledge , good , fine taste…….. They told me at Northlands he was ill, but from there to leaving us……….
    I am very sorry I will not be able to talk to him again. This is very very very sad.

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