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Near and Dear

In the last few months of travel Dan and I have had the good fortune to see some extremely engaging art, from the Turner prizewinners at Tate Britain to the Kienholz Hoerengracht installation at London’s National Gallery, to an intimate showing of one of Anish Kapoor’s untitled Hexagonal Mirrors on view at the Portland Art Museum.

(Don’t anyone ever give me grief again about the time I spend on Facebook! If it hadn’t been for a Facey friend, I’d have missed this Richard Wright beauty that was intentionally destroyed the day after we viewed it.)

(detail Kapoor Hexagonal Mirror, a dizzying stunner that we caught at PAM the day we returned to Portland)

Then a few days ago someone emailed me a link to a new website by one of our Bullseye people whose work I knew from the last couple of Working Glass shows here at the factory.

It was a helluva wake-up call. Sure, I’d seen Stacy Lynn Smith’s work before, but seeing it again on her new site really drove it home: sometimes some of the best stuff is right under our own noses.

(Detail of Stacy Lynn Smith’s “Selection”)

Go  HERE. Check out this glass. And watch out, Anish!

- Lani

PS. Like Wright’s fresco, Smith’s “Selection” was designed for destruction – a fiendishly attractive trend that we hope catches on in the studio glass movement. “Destructivism” …..hmmm, hard for glass peddlers not to love the sound of all that breaking material…

5 Responses to Near and Dear

  1. I can see the liability lawsuits blossoming as I type.

    Stacy’s stuff is fabulous. I particularly enjoyed Core Sample. Need more pics of it, in fact. Interaction and glass don’t work on the face of it, but they’re usually my favorite parts of an exhibit. Imagine Heike Breichlow’s work displayed with a big “spin me” sign overhead. Marquis cars on the floor with a big red pulltoy string. A Paiko set of scales with piles of Mel George spools and boxes for stacking and weighing…

  2. Lani says:

    Who needs signs?

    We’ve had a Brachlow spun right off its pedestal at an art fair.

    And one of my fondest memories is Marquis cheering a class full of glass car racers across a flaming finish line in the North Lands hot shop.

    As usual, you’re right, Cynthia. Where there’s glass and art, lawsuits will follow….

    ….but what a way to go….

  3. Claudia says:

    Wow! eat my heart out…and I thought my work made people dizzy. This is great!

  4. LaValle says:

    The Kapoor is now gone. It was only here three months. So sad to not be able to see it at PAM.

  5. Paul says:

    Funny, I read the comment “and I thought my work made people dizzy” with the commenter’s name scrolled just off the top of the screen and I immediately guessed who wrote it.

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