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Someone is kicking ass in the warehouse

When I started at Bullseye 25 years ago there were 20 of us. I knew everyone. I worked in the warehouse – between preparing export documents and other stuff  (yep. My best day I packed 17 crates of glass – probably still my greatest accomplishment at BE)

“You want me to work where? Doing what?” – moi, circa 1985

Today there are over 120 of us. I am the Gallery Director. I hardly know anyone at the factory anymore. It makes me sad sometimes.

As the last post proves, I even – almost – miss noticing some pretty incredible artists who work  in the belly of the bull.

Then someone sent me this link yesterday with the note: “New warehouse employee that is apparently an amateur photographer. I found this on his blog:

Doesn’t look very “amateur” to me.

I love this one. And this one:It’s so ……Portland.

Welcome, Austin.

I don’t know you, but I sure like your eye.

11 Responses to Someone is kicking ass in the warehouse

  1. Whoa. Austin is GOOD. We need to get that boy into Newspace. And BlueSky.

  2. jenn houser says:

    I second the Austin compliment- and I added his blog to my read list – which is getting longer every day.

    Love the specs!

  3. Cripes, I’m not going to get any work done before 10 (AM) what with all the blogs I’m adding.

    He is seriously good.

  4. Oh, and Lani… you haven’t changed One Little Bit.

  5. Sure she has–her glasses got shorter.

  6. Ya gotta love that cowling on her sweater. It really puts the “turtle” in “turtle-neck”.

  7. Lani says:

    Would you kids go back to looking at Austin’s photography? It’s way more interesting than what I was wearing 25 years ago.


  8. MJZ says:

    Austin is Tucson’s gift to Portland. His photography is not his only gift, just one facet. Treat him well or we’ll take him back.

  9. so……………….were you still fending off the arguments about whose dog got whose pregnant………….?

  10. Whoa! That is a blast from the past…keep up the good work.

  11. Toni says:

    Thanks for the link to Austin’s blog – he is very talented.

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