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Act 2: The Movie

In my last six posts I’ve tried to communicate something of my enthusiasm for the upcoming show at the Museum of Northwest Art by looking at a few of the artists-in-residence who took part in the project.

Here, thanks to our Communications Designer Nicole, is so much more than I could ever say.

Thanks is owed to all the residents whose generously shared photos captured the individual moments and spirit of the time and place.

Finally, “thanks” is likely too small a word to offer to the residency leaders Steve Klein and Richard Parrish whose abilities in the Fine Art of Community-Building has made the project truly worthy of a museum show.

But more on Klein and Parrish when I resume my blather in the next post…

5 Responses to Act 2: The Movie

  1. What a fabulous video.

  2. Superbly done.

  3. Sarah A. Nelson says:

    Very Cool… makes you feel like you were there with the artists… thanks so much to Nicole, Lani, and Team Bullseye!

  4. I am in Sayolita, Mexico and missing glass right now so to see this video was such a wonderful surprise that I once again am getting inspired. Pilchuck is a small part of the world that gives back over and over with feeding the soul and warming the heart, and the friends you meet at this small jewel on the earth will be with you for a lifetime. What an inspirational group of artists. I look so forward to viewing the show and the new direction the artists have taken. Thankyou so much for sharing this Lani, and the team at Bullseye who work tirelessly to keep our spirits full.

  5. Spectacular! Congratulations!

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