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2001 An Emerging Odyssey

On the edge of EMERGE 2012 – yes, slackers, your entries are due this week! – I can’t resist a trip back in time to the first iteration of this little  competition / exhibition.

The exhibition was held at Bullseye’s original Pearl District Resource Center. It was also juried there once works had been received.

It was 2001.

It was called WG@BE that year (and the next). A coming together in real time and real place of an Internet community – hence the eventual “e-merge” moniker – for the purpose of exhibiting and reflecting upon works in kiln-glass made by users around the (at that time mostly US) world who until the event had largely only met via electronic bulletin board.

It seems a lifetime ago. And it seems like yesterday.

The RC staff installed the show. That year a majority of work was in the fused and slumped bowl format.

Jurors included Bullseye staffers (we put an end to THAT after the death threats. Kidding.)

Anything that wasn’t a bowl was scrutinized with TSA eyes.

Kidding aside, it was Oct 2001. We were all seeing the world in a new light.

WG@BE marked the start of some wonderful careers.

The opening reception saw a crowd from across the country descend on Portland.

Beribboned friends. What WERE they all for? (The ribbons, not the friends)

Els – unforgettable – with her splendid color and design sense.

It was – clearly – a good time.

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  1. Linda says:

    It was a FUN evening where lasting friendships were made. Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Lani!! The 3 ribbons were because we were each finalists at that first WG@BE, attending HGH but I can’t remember what the third was for.

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