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Meet the Bullseye Bay Area Team

The Bullseye Bay Area team has been waiting to welcome the Bay Area arts and crafts community to our new location in Emeryville, CA.  As they say, “If you build it, they will come”, and we are excited to be opening very soon! Meanwhile, we invite you to meet our team…

Melody Kennedy- Resource Center Manager

Melody Kennedy received her BFA in fine art with an emphasis in sculpture from Arizona State University, in 2006.  In spring 2011, she received an MFA in Spatial Arts from San Jose State University.  While earning her MFA, Melody taught 3D design classes at SJSU as well as The Palo Alto Art Center.  She began her professional career working at fine art galleries and contemporary museums, including San Jose Museum of Art.  Melody joined Bullseye in 2011 and is now the Manager for Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area.


Jeremy Scidmore - Studio Coordinator, Lead Instructor

Jeremy Scidmore earned a BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and later returned there for an MA in Arts Administration and Policy. While in Chicago, he owned and managed a public glass-arts resource center, completed numerous private and public sculptural and architectural art commissions, and taught glassblowing and kilnforming. Scidmore joined Bullseye in 2011 and is now the Studio Coordinator for Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area.


Arrianne BrightHead Sales Associate

Arrianne Bright received her BA in art from Oregon’s Portland State University in 2002. For the past eight years, she has been a Bullseye sales associate, working with customers at the Resource Centers in Portland and Santa Fe before joining the Bay Area team. An accomplished kiln-glass maker, Bright has won several awards in Bullseye’s Working Glass exhibitions. In 2006 she taught a kilnforming workshop in Finland and in 2007 she exhibited work in the Pilchuck Auction.

Ilene Conde- Sales Associate & Studio Assistant

Ilene Conde received a BA in fine art with an emphasis in art history from San Francisco State University in 2009. She went on to hold internships with the Docent Council of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and the Education Department of the Children’s Creativity Museum. In 2011 Conde joined the staff of Bullseye Glass Company and is now a retail and studio assistant at Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area.

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  1. Brian says:

    From my very first visit, and every one since, the staff at Bullseye in Emeryville is welcoming, friendly, informative and helpful.

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