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Emerging Jurors

A day we have been waiting for – the Emerge 2012 exhibition is now open at Bullseye Gallery. Last week, our jurors took a difficult task…

Emerge 2012 jurors Klaus Moje, Silvia Levenson, and Laura Addison

And made it fun.

It was a treat to watch Laura Addison, Silvia Levenson and Klaus Moje respond to seeing the actual artwork for the first time. In January, they selected the finalist artworks from over 300 entries, a job that took their close attention over multiple days. There are always surprises when the works appear at the gallery. Scale: Some pieces are bigger or smaller than they appear in the digital image. Impact: Some pieces seem more meaningful in the image than in person, and vice versa.

Jurors consider the "Punto in Aria" collection by Denise Pepper.

Behind the closed doors of the gallery, the jurors view the actual works and assign the awards by consensus: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Kilncasting, Design, Jewelry and Academic.

The morning-after interview

This year, instead of asking for essays or statements from jurors, we gathered them together the next morning and they were interviewed about their viewing experience by Michael Endo of Bullseye Gallery. Excerpts of their interview will be included in the upcoming Emerge 2012 exhibition catalog.

Sworn to secrecy

Meanwhile, the awards stay secret until the opening reception at Bullseye Gallery on April 7, 2012.

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