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Moving Into Our New Home

Here are more snapshots from Melody and crew of Day One and Day Two of moving into the new Resource Center Bay Area…

It’s pretty much pictures from here on down. Enjoy!

Day One- Shipment arrives! One trailer down, four to go...

Dan on the forklift.

Arrianne maps out the sheet glass.

Arrianne organizes the sheet glass bins.

Ilene pitches in.

New glass carts have arrived.

Arrianne working hard.

Dan assembles the glass display.

Dan on the forklift.

Donnie, checking the bins twice, so they only have to be stocked once!

We love Donnie! (In addition to hooking us up with internet, he designed the Bullseye Studio App for iPhones.

Ilene rocks!

Ilene rocks!

That's not our new logo that Jim is wearing--it's our heritage T-shirt, reproduced from the 1975 original.

Jim and Jeremy unloading the truck.

Jim stocking glass.

Jeremy rattling our chains.

Jeremy and crew setting the kilns in place.

Nuts and bolts

Bringing in the pipe for the coldworking shop.

Jeremy unloading the new kilns.

End of Day Two.

The Bullseye Master Movers of the East Bay. (I think that white thing is a big stencil for marking the Resource Center's eight parking spaces.)

2 Responses to Moving Into Our New Home

  1. Fred says:

    Nice pics Melody. What’s the address?

  2. MaryKay says:

    Hi Fred,

    I am not Melody, but I can give you the address:

    4514 Hollis Street
    Emeryville, California 94608
    Tel: 510-595-1318
    Open 10-6 Tues. through Fri.
    Open 10-4 Saturday

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