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Short Encounters of the Best Kind

If my own best small show award at the International Festival of Glass goes to Patricia Niemann for Blood & Bones, the Best Short Encounter Award goes to Joseph Harrington.

I got to spend all of about five minutes with Joe on the sidewalk on the street in front of the Ruskin Center the morning after the opening of the British Glass Biennale. He was clearly flustered and rushing.

So Joe’s taken the craft&design Award at the Biennale for Buttress II – I’m sure he’s chuffed. But what was on Joe’s mind the morning we met up?  He’d been away from Sidney for the first time in almost six months! He was clearly in a panic – and eager to get home.

Great work is great work…

Joseph Harrington, Buttress II, 20012 Kiln-cast glass, lost ice process with salt erosion, 70 x 24 x 50cm (27.5 x 9.5 x 19.5in)

Great dads are masterpieces.

Joe, sorry for plundering your FB page. I just love this pic!

Congratulations on the award, Joe. Bigger congrats on being Sidney’s Dad!

- Lani

PS. Sorry for the crap photography of the glass. I’m no Simon Bruntnell.

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