Monthly Archives: October 2014

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How to describe the works of Mel Douglas?  I would start off by saying they’re not especially showy.  If I saw one from across the room, it likely wouldn’t pull me in.  But as I moved closer to the piece as I would naturally, I would notice it and the closer I got to it the more it would pull me.  I guess you could call that “gravity”.

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Photos from last week’s workshop–

Karl Harron, of Northern Ireland, began his 2014 US workshop tour at Bullseye Glass Resource Center Bay Area. read more

The Realm of Quantifiable Truths, the debut solo exhibition of Emily Nachison, was on view at Bullseye Gallery from July 2 – August 30, 2014. Emily, who is a Portland native, dropped by to speak about some of the ideas she was exploring while working on this project, some of her inspirations, and goals of her work.

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