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Hake brush hack

Simple hake brush math

Here’s an easy time-saver for anyone who uses shelf primer on a regular basis.

Take a minute to make a wider hake brush & you’ll shave time off of how long it takes to apply shelf primer to a kiln shelf. We have a few of these around & they’re our go-to brushes, whether we’re priming a bunch of 21″ square kiln shelves or larger, like this shelf in a Pearl-56.

our extra large hake brush priming an extra large kiln shelf extra fast

Connect a full size/standard brush (5.5″) to a short section of another brush (they’re perforated or maybe you already have a broken one) with hot glue & duct tape. Voila! Having a variety of widths in the studio is handy for different applications. Just make sure that the wide one still fits in your primer bucket!

make sure your hake brush will fit in your shelf primer bucket

Simple & effective!

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