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Behind the scenes: Quick Tip: Fresh Palette Picks

We set up a color palette exercise in-house to see what would come of it.

The criteria:

  • Select colors from current production styles
  • Include one or more new green styles
  • Name the palette and document the color palette with a photo (optional)

We customized a sample set, which so conveniently contains accurate color samples based on fired 3mm sheet glass, included a stack of numbered forms and a camera. Set up between workshops, we turned out about 50 color palettes in less than a day. Thanks to everyone who jumped in! It was good fun & might be something we’ll set up again. It’s no surprise that we’re all about color.

Plaid not required.

We picked five favorites and made them the basis of Quick Tip: Fresh Palette Picks.

So much good material!

These images are from the studio session. We used the plexiglass stand to let light into the transparent styles.

Prairie Flag


Lake Huron


Wes #1

Swamp Thing


Swing Out Sister

Juicy Melon

About Bonnie

Bonnie Celeste received her BS in education from Buffalo State College in New York. Her background in glass comes from years of experience working in the Research & Education Department at Bullseye as well as in her shared studio in Portland. Most recently her work was included in the BodyWork exhibition at the Bullseye Gallery. As a Bullseye instructor/technician, Celeste enjoys helping individuals build a solid foundation in glass by teaching workshops, developing online educational videos, and assisting with open studio sessions.

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