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Light on fire, indeed. Racks of glass in the Bullseye warehouse. (Photo by Lois Manno.)

I had a notion of what to expect from BECon 2013, because I’d been to other professional conferences. I expected a room full of vendors (check), a plethora of high-quality presentations by professionals in their fields (check), a party or two, hobnobbing, networking, etc. (double check). The opening reception at the Bullseye Gallery in downtown Portland was stunning, and the Lehr-B-Que dinner held at the factory was crazy fun. What I didn’t expect was the way BECon would cause me to think differently about the world of color—and my place in it. read more

Last year we invited Tanja Pak, Slovenia’s Designer of the Year, to “fuse aesthetics to practicality” in a factory residency that would provide the content for her discussion with Bullseye’s lead fabricator Tom Jacobs on The Poetry of Production at this summer’s BECon conference.

Brian, Trevor, Ted, Tom, and Tanja: Day One

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We’ve got plenty of Ponderosa Pine in the Pacific Northwest. It grows in Central Oregon and arrives at Bullseye in truckloads to be made into crating for the sheet glass we make.

Artist Munson Hunt with Ponderosa pine from New Mexico

So why look outside Oregon for more? And why then invite a sculptor whose primary medium is not glass into our factory to turn this wood to charcoal and charcoal to glass? read more


Richard Whiteley leading a masterclass at North Lands Creative Glass in 2004.

TEACHING ARTIST. The title has a mildly incongruous ring to it. Like Galloping Gourmet or Flying Nun.

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The days are moving much too fast. The sun comes up yet again and I’m about about to feel guilty that I haven’t been blogging more about BECon.


Today’s the last day and I haven’t posted a note since the end of the opening party on Thursday night. Suddenly, amidst the pile of unanswered emails arrives the answer to my dreams -  the notice of Morganica’s latest post.

Since she’s covered the first day of speakers and events better than I ever could, I’m going to go make a cup of coffee and head off to PSU for another day outside of cyberspace!

Bless you, C!

After spending an afternoon “On the Couch with Clifford” – a broad-ranging and perfectly-paced  interview between Richard Whiteley and Clifford Rainey on the latter’s history, methods, teaching philosophies and opinions of dragon-stemmed Venetian goblets – and an exceptionally thought-provoking Keynote by Janet Koplos on “What Glass Wants to Be When It Grows Up”, the  first day of BECon 2009 came to its lively conclusion at the gallery reception.


The BAM (Button Art Match) game drove inquisitive party-goers through both floors of the gallery searching for their “matches” – anyone wearing a button with art picture matching his/her own.

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“Do you mind if we shoot you?”


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The hours between the end of COLLECT and the trip back to Portland for our biennial conference, BECon, seemed a good time to link the two with a visit to conference presenter Heike Brachlow at  London’s Royal College of Art.


The RCA sits just opposite Hyde Park, not far from the little mews house that we’d rented for our time in London. So it was a short walk and a good way to stretch out after days of standing at the fair.

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….and come to BECon 2009

I was in college in the ‘60s. I’m past the age where that’s as much an embarrassment as a statement of fact.  For my husband Dan there’s never been any emotion other than shameless glee in recalling his university years.


And why not? As coxswain on the rowing team he got to yell at bigger guys through a bullhorn – great practice for eventually running a glass factory.

But seriously. Although we’ve never discussed it much, I know from the anecdotes that we’ve shared that college for each of us – separated by a continent and an ocean – was about the same thing: group learning.

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