When visited in our last blog episode, Ed the Cat was sitting prettily – a word he would surely have detested – in his Chintz-y metal box on our kitchen windowsill. Dan still hasn’t managed to come up with a bone ash opal formula that’s worthy of Ed’s six ounces of dust.

What’s the hold up? It’s a color formulation problem. Ed just can’t become anything other than a red, yellow or orange glass – colors that are typically made with cadium/selenium oxides. Those of you who know a little glass chemistry will recognize them as the most ornery, irascible and unpredictable colors in any glassmaker’s palette.

Dignified? What’s dignified about sitting around in a tin can waiting for a glass chemist to get his act together?!
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I’ve gotten a few reminders that my blog is stalled. My excuse of sorts:

Some of you know Ed. He’s the fifteen year old serial slasher and resident Grump who’s lived with us – and our visiting artists – for as long as we’ve had a formal artist program and a place to house them here at our Portland hillside home.

Edward in his prime, 2004. The Fullback freeloader, hard-partying, tough loving, namesake of the magical Scissorhands.

Ed’s a Collector. He’s drawn blood from the elite of the glass art world. His preferred method has always been the bed-snuggle followed by the lightening-swift jaw-lock on exposed flesh, should the recipient have the audacity to roll over in his/her own bed.
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