Glass for Good and Breast Cancer

After a day spent videotaping a class in pâte de verre, Bullseye’s Hanmi Meyer had an aha moment.

The idea was simple.

Instead of tamping powder into a mold to create elegant thin-walled bowls, students could use the technique to create fabulous granulated breasts. Pâte de verre (French for paste of glass) would become Sein de Verre (sahn duh ver—breast of glass). It would be a Glass for Good class to raise money and awareness for those facing breast cancer. read more

Last weekend, the hottest of Portland’s summer, Alicia Lomné finished teaching her workshop Pâte de Verre, Methods to Form By. Then, after a quick wardrobe change, she powered through and treated an appreciative audience to a fascinating artist talk about how she does what she does and why she does it. read more

A lot of Bullseye’s gallery team spent the last week on the edge of our seats.

2006 e-merge finalist Robin Provart-Kelly was battling a coven of kiln witches in order to get a piece to us in time for SOFA Chicago. After what seemed like a lifetime of hell in the hot zone, we got an email from Robin with a 20 point EUREKA and a picture of this amazing pâte de verre work.

Robin Provart-Kelly, “Bounty”, 2008. Pâte de verre and kilnformed glass. 3.5″ x 8.25″ x 8″

It’s missed our outbound SOFA truck, so it’s traveling solo to meet up with us when we get to Chicago. We’re all elated – and minus fingernails – to be able to show Robin’s work for the first time at the fair.

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