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Caribbean Blue, White 2-Color Mix 002164

  • Sheet Glass

  • Frit

Caribbean Blue, White Streaky Sheet Glass

Caribbean Blue, White 2-Color Mix 002164-0030-x-xxxx

Streaky Sheet Glass

Hand-rolled and controlled for mix consistency, with the unique patterning of true art glass. Nearly all are suitable for fusing or cold applications.

Constituent Glasses

Caribbean Blue Transparent (001164)
White Opalescent (000113)

Working Notes

May develop a subtly rippled or wrinkled surface upon slumping. Cap with clear to obtain more uniform, smooth textures in slumped works.

clearcap vs texture

Rippled texture (left) vs smooth, clear cap (right) on 2146, Copper Blue and White Streaky. This is also a characteristic of 2164, Caribbean Blue and White Streaky.