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Clear Transparent 001101

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Clear Transparent Sheet Glass

bullseye clear transparent kiln glass 001101-0030-x-xxxx

Cold Characteristics

Very faint green tint when viewed on edge.

Working Notes

Stable. No color shift.

Fusible / Bullseye-compatible.


Cold Characteristics

Clear. May have a green cast when viewed from the end.

Working Notes

Torch: This clear has very few internal bubbles and is very suitable for encasing. To avoid reduction, work with 001101-0576 in a neutral-to-oxidizing flame atmosphere.

Kiln: Working properties and kilnformed characteristics are consistent with sheet glass. See sheet glass notes for this style.

Clear Transparent Frit

Clear Transparent Frit 001101-0002-F-xxxx

Frit size relates to bubble population: In general, when kilncasting with frit in open faced molds and containment systems, larger grain sizes trap larger bubbles. With smaller grain sizes, the bubble size decreases while the frequency increases, creating a hazy or opaque effect from otherwise transparent material. This effect can also be observed when kilnforming with heavier applications of frit and powder.

Featured Product

Clear Transparent Powder Frit (001101-0008)

Clear Transparent Fine Frit (001101-0001)

Clear Transparent Medium Frit (001101-0002)

Clear Transparent Coarse Frit (001101-0003)

Clear Transparent Extra Large Frit (001101-0005)

Clear, Iridescent, Transparent Frit

Clear Iridescent Frit is made of crushed rainbow iridized sheet glass (001101-0031), which has a thin, metallic coating on one side. As frit, the coating is more evident in larger grain sizes (-05, -03), where it has greater surface area. With smaller grains (-02, -01, -08) the coating is not present on each piece of frit due to the nature of the crushing process and the resulting grain sizes.

Working notes: Irid frit may be used as a design element on sheet glass to create subtle glints of rainbow iridescence; here shown on the surface of a 6mm clear sheet, taken to a full fuse (1490°F, 810°C). The color effects from the pieces of iridescent coating are more noticeable with reflected light paired with a dark background.






Usage suggestions: Use the Extra Large or Coarse Frit in cast tiles or thick cast bowls for subtle, metallic effects. Apply Medium and Fine Frit to sheet glass for a hint of glint. In comparison, effects with powder are even more subtle. When working on sheet glass, iridescence generally has more contrast with darker-valued styles.



Kilncast samples illustrate usage in open faced molds and containment systems, where minimal flow was needed to achieve the form. Learn more in this Quick Tip

Clear Transparent Billets

clear transparent glass billets 001101-0065-F-xxxx.jpg