Sandblasting for Kiln-Glass

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Sandblasting is a technique for altering the surface area of glass using a highly pressurized, propelled stream of abrasive material. Sandblasting can be used to create imagery and textures, selectively carve thin layers of surface material such as iridescent coatings or layers of colored glass, remove devitrification, refine a surface for fire-polishing, or even change the shape of a piece. In this course, you'll make a number of small pieces while working with a range of glasses and masking materials including photo-resist films. You will also leave class with a sample set of sandblasted and firepolished glass tiles.

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Portland / Louise Krampien / April 13-15 (CL0224-0003) / Saturday-Sunday 10am-5pm, Monday 10am-Noon / 8 students / $295

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April 13-15 (CL0224-0003)

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