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Dense White Opalescent 000313

  • Sheet Glass

  • Rod

Dense White Opalescent Sheet Glass

bullseye dense white opalescent kiln glass 000313-0030-x-xxxx




May React With

Selenium, Sulfur

Cold Characteristics

Consistent color.

Working Notes

Bullseye discontinued Dense White 000313 from the standard product line because the glass can be unstable when subjected to extended heatwork. Firing above 1500°F (815°C) for more than 15 minutes or firing slowly between 1250°F (677°C) and 1500°F (815°C) may result in an unstable glass.

No color shift upon firing. A dark interface reaction is possible with sulfur-bearing glasses (001137, 000137). Dense White Powder (000313-0008F) is recommended for surface use only. It may crackle when used between sheet glass layers.

Dense White Opalescent Rod

dense white opalescent rod 000313-0576-F-xxxx

Cold Characteristics

Translucent, milky white.

Working Notes

Torch: 000313-0576 opacifies when used in the flame. Is whitest when used as a core bead. 000313-0576 is more prone to reduction than other Bullseye styles. Keep it white by working with it in a slightly oxidizing atmosphere. Sometimes small bubbles are evident while the glass is molten, but these typically are not visible in the cold rod or the finished work.

Kiln: Not recommended for kilnforming.