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BECon 2013


BECon 2013: Chroma-Culture

A conference exploring the intersections of color, kiln-glass, and the human experience

As an artist, the mystery of color is fundamental to you and to your work. Sometimes you control it, sometimes it controls you. While this is true in many media, nowhere is the balance as delicate – and as exciting – as it is in contemporary kiln-glass. BECon 2013: CHROMA-CULTURE tackles this challenge through presentations and workshops by leading practitioners in the world of glass, color, art, and beyond.


Thursday, June 20, 2013 - Saturday, June 22, 2013


Portland State University, Bullseye Gallery, and the Bullseye Glass factory

Presenters & Sessions

Beverly Fishman
Keynote Presentation: Material Color

Rudi Gritsch
Better Dead Than Red?

Sandra Gross
Transformations: Color, Kiln-Glass & Children's Education

Richard Marquis
How I Misuse Bullseye Glass

Lani McGregor
Intro & Orientation: Welcome to BECon 2013

Tanja Pak & Tom Jacobs
The Poetry of Production

Narcissus Quagliata
The World is Color

Clifford Rainey
In the Beginning Was Black

Daniel Schwoerer, Sam Andreakos & Ted Sawyer, moderated by Mary Kay Nitchie
Color Stories

Stacy Lynn Smith
The Color That Grabbed Me on the Street

Richard Speer
Angel White and Devil Red: Color's Symbolism in History, Pop Culture, and Contemporary Glass

Louise Tait
Above Us Only Sky

James B. Thompson
Experiencing the Beauty, Mystery & Terror of Color: My Foray Into Glass

Judy Tuwaletstiwa & Erik Whittemore
It's Not Me. It's Not You. It's a Process.



  • Pre- and post-conference workshops
  • Gallery exhibitions of work by BECon presenters
  • Technical exhibitors
  • Festive Opening Night Reception at Bullseye Gallery
  • Happy Hour in the Tech Display
  • Numerous eating/drinking venues
  • Saturday night's festive Lehr-B-Q at the Bullseye Factory



About BECon

Every two years, aspiring and accomplished kiln-glass professionals from around the globe gather in Portland to network, compare notes and expand their horizons. This gathering is known as BECon (the Bullseye Conference).

Bullseye has sponsored BECon since 2003, and today it’s the world's foremost kiln-glass conference. Each BECon explores a special topic through lectures, panel discussions and demonstrations led by noted artists, architects and other experts and leaders in kilnformed glass. In concert with each conference, Bullseye Gallery hosts a related exhibition and the Bullseye Research & Education Department hosts pre- and post-conference workshops. Other BECon traditions include the gala opening reception at Bullseye Gallery, and the closing-night tour of Bullseye Factory and festive Lehr-B-Q celebration.

If you’re an intermediate-to-advanced or professional practitioner or even a serious student, consider BECon! It offers opportunities to be found nowhere else in the glass world.